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Arda's time has drawn to an end, as all good things must. Remember it with fondness, and may it rest in peace.

Goodbye, everyone, I loved you all and Arda very dearly.
۩ Lothlómendil

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Topic Started: Jul 26 2008, 08:27 AM (53 Views)
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hi, this is my first time rping using play by post. I cant wait to jump in to an adventure!
name:Neblin Sparklegem
occupation:mercenary/bounty hunter
alignment:neutral good
weight:42 pounds
age:???(looks like hes reached adulthood)
hair:shiny jet black
eyes:unnaturaly bright green
build:skinny with a bit of muscle
personality:funny and has a great sense of humor, loves to pull pranks, mischievious, and inquisitive, but he can be very serious when needed to be
skills:pick lock, move silently
feats:whirlwind attack
flaws:coler blind selfish
starting equpment:dagger, backpack
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Dark Wraith
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Former Guardian of Shadows, Former Co-Admin, ERPer
Welcome to Arda, home of Ita, the amazing three-headed bovine lupine dolphin formerly of the Staff Hot Tub!!! :hi:

</obscure, old joke>

Enjoy your time here! ^_^
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The Shadovar Concordance

The Covenant

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Name: Xoco
Race: Ainur - Maiar
Class: Shadowblade
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
Extended Description
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Posted Image - Bart the Beetle (I wasn't kidding, from Ita)

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:torch: Welcome. :|
Name: Lidia
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Class: Cleric
Occupation: Wanderer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 122lbs
Age: 139
Appearance: Image I, Image II
Element: Darkness (Shadows)


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