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Name: DeVere Pallerion
Gender: Male
Race: Semi-human - DeVere is the divine spark of Taryn Pallerion, forged in the midst of great adversity and forced to exist only in potentia until the God of Nature, Curin, gifted him with independence.
Class: Mage
Alignment: Lawful Good, unlike Taryn who is ultimately neutral. Be glad that it was DeVere who was forged from the lich encounter and not Taryn's evil side. No, really. Be glad.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190lbs
Age: DeVere is technically only the same age as Taryn, 25 years old, but as part of his nature, appears in his late 30's.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Build: Well built without running to fat, DeVere cuts a fine figure of a man with less skinniness than his metaphorical 'brother'.
Element: Fire
Personality: DeVere retains much of Taryn's charm, but he is decidedly less innocent and very definitely much more cynical. This shows in his face which is almost always set in a semi-sneer of self-depracation. Beware DeVere, for his intellect is far greater than that of Taryn's - and Taryn is by no stretch of the imagination an idiot (although from his actions, you'd be hard pushed to believe it)

Skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge - Arcana, Ride
Feats: Lightning reflexes, Strong Soul

Recently Received:
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image - Throstles Thistle Cloak
Liradan Equipment Set. Comes implicitly with Skills Breath Sense, and Ally to Beasts.
Posted Image - Forage; Posted Image - Master Forager; Posted Image - Hunt; Posted Image - Master Hunter; Posted Image - En Liradan Ongoludan
Two; -Just a few things you might have picked up, last time a root golem sneezed close enough for you to catch the scent of its breath

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