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Arda's time has drawn to an end, as all good things must. Remember it with fondness, and may it rest in peace.

Goodbye, everyone, I loved you all and Arda very dearly.
۩ Lothlómendil

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Eä, Mainland Arda

Regular Forum Lómëdor
Lómëdor is the largest city-state in Arda. There are many ports that lead out to the Palanen Ocean. It is a bustling city with many markets, pubs, and plenty of night life as well.

Includes: Port Adúnë, Ëarsúl Marina, Lómëdor Square, Wilwarin Inn and Pub, Parmamar Library, Termáre Dagor, the Battle Stand, and Drital Qu'ellar Pub.
Night of the Assailants Jul 27 2008, 08:45 AM, By warchief2000
Topics: 1,067 Replies: 12,498
Subforums: Termáre Dagor, the Battlestand, Drital Qu'ellar Pub, Port Adúnë, Lómëdor Square, Parmamar Library, Ëarsúl Marina, Wilwarin Inn and Pub
Regular Forum Palanen Ocean
This is the largest ocean of Arda. The waters are unpredictable, and storms are not uncommon after short distances away from the shores. There are said to be many pirates roaming the waters that frequently raid merchant ships. A second rumor has arisen lately, with word of a section of Palanen now called Kraken Sea. This area of Palanen is overpopulated with belligerent krakens, a danger to any ship that passes through. Many a ship has been destroyed in these waters, torn in half by the enormous squid-like monsters.

Includes: Haudhiaur Island, Pirate's Hideout, and Bar-nu-Nen.
Strange New Occurences Jul 21 2008, 03:46 PM, By Rio
Topics: 143 Replies: 1,744
Subforums: Pirate's Hideout, Haudhiaur Island, Bar-nu-Nen
Regular Forum Salquedor Grasslands
The Salquedor grasslands consist of the large empty plains lands that cover a large expanse of Arda. The trees are far and few and there is a constant light breeze that carries the scent of the flowery meadows that are found there.
[ picture | picture at night ]

Includes: The Ancient Tower, The Outdoor Training Arena, Taurai Woods, Dori'ba, the Land of the Dead, and The Barrows [ARP].
Need to get strong Jul 31 2008, 12:46 AM, By Drago Lightstream
Topics: 706 Replies: 7,526
Subforums: Taurai Woods, Dori'ba, the Land of the Dead, The Barrows, The Ancient Tower, Outdoor Training Arena
Regular Forum The Village of Estolad
Estolad is a small rural village at the junction of a few dirt roads that lead from the Salquedor Grasslands and Lómëdor. There are not many shops, and most of the homes are small and simple. Strangers are a regular occurrence and there is one small run down inn for the many travelers that pass through.
[ picture ]

Includes: Kaima Inn and Turokko's Stables.
Spider Slayer Jul 26 2008, 08:57 AM, By swordhunter
Topics: 304 Replies: 3,560
Subforums: Kaima Inn, Turokko's Stables
Regular Forum Misty Forest
A veil of mist that never lifts envelopes the forest. All vision is restricted to a mere thirty meters or so, even for the keen eyes of the elves. It is a very mysterious place, and none are sure exactly how large it really is.
[ picture 1 | picture 2 | picture 3 ]

Includes: The Swamp of Shadows and The Realm of Dreams [ARP].
BADI Contract: Copper Lamp Jul 25 2008, 03:57 PM, By Winter
Topics: 401 Replies: 4,486
Subforums: Swamp of Shadows, The Realm of Dreams
Regular Forum Lake Aelin
The waters of Lake Aelin are dark blue and very deep, plentiful with fish. The lands around the lake are bountiful with vegetation and animals. A cool breeze is always slightly blowing, and the air smells like salt.
[ picture | picture 2 ]
Lake Dispatch Jul 12 2008, 12:11 PM, By swordhunter
Topics: 181 Replies: 2,239
Regular Forum The Eastern Coast
The waves of the eastern sea crash upon the gentle white shores. Seagulls fill the skies, and shells lay along the expanse of the coastline. There are not as many ports or cities along this coast, and the waters and sands are cleaner for it.
[ picture | picture 2 ]
In need of a rest Jul 16 2008, 06:22 PM, By Braaurk
Topics: 124 Replies: 1,407
Regular Forum Yomenïampa
Nestled near the southern coast of Eä, a forest-city stands in full glory. This is the great city of the Elves, Yomenïampa, a name also shared with the entire forest in which their city abides. The treetop city is carefully guarded by skilled Elven archers, and unwelcome visitors do not make it past their initial line of defense with ease.
[ picture | picture 2 | picture 3 ]
Moonlit Encounter Jul 17 2008, 09:26 AM, By Sealamin Joysword
Topics: 67 Replies: 821
Regular Forum Alulanta Falls
This region is filled with waterfall after waterfall, and abundant with plants and mosses. The lands are rocky and broken, but no longer jagged for the rushing waters have smoothed and rounded the lands. The waters seem to whisper tales of old, and eventually flow into one large, clear pool.
[ picture | picture 2 | picture 3 | picture 4 ]
Strange Noises Jul 26 2008, 04:42 PM, By warchief2000
Topics: 176 Replies: 2,110
Regular Forum Anfauglir Desert
Most of this vast desert has not had rain in over 200 years, and the heat is never ceasing. There are no plants except those that grow near the edges of the desert where there is a little rain. During the nights, it is cooler, but still a death trap for those that choose to travel without water. The winds are often high, and sandstorms are usual occurrences.

Includes: Angband, Hidden Desert Stronghold
The Sons of Light Jul 30 2008, 10:01 PM, By Lady Darkness
Topics: 131 Replies: 1,399
Subforums: Angband, Hidden Desert Stronghold
Regular Forum The Mystic Wood
This is an ARP forum.
This lightly wooded area holds many mysteries for those that travel within. It is fabled that this is where the rainbow ends, and thus are the lands of the secretive leprechauns. The trees also bear multicolored buds and leaves that look as though they were made of candy, and hang lightly, standing out from among the light green of the other leaves. Fairies and Pixies are often seen flitting among the light foliage, and often found perched daintily on top of the bountiful mushrooms seen all along the worn paths. The abundance of pixie dust in the air creates a magical aura that makes it seem like a fairy tale land, enhanced by the colorful display of the trees and flowers.
[ picture | picture 2 | picture 3 ]

Includes: Fae Hollow [ARP].
Runaway Bunnies Jun 13 2008, 03:54 PM, By Ayaker_Buceg
Topics: 16 Replies: 93
Subforums: Fae Hollow
Regular Forum Ered Annon Mountains
This great mountain range is West of Lómëdor. They stretch for a long distance with no other way to pass except to go over or around by sea. There is one break called the Gap of the Annon that allows travelers to pass without the hazardous trek up the mountains. There is said to be a large hallowed gem at the top of the tallest mountain in the entire range, but none know which mountain is the tallest. The gem is said to hold great powers for any that may find it.
[ picture ]

Includes: Annon-en-Groth Mines, Lhachlith Volcano [ARP], Nandgirith [ARP], and Ungol Felas, the Spider Caves.
The End is Nigh Aug 2 2008, 02:55 PM, By Wurzag
Topics: 260 Replies: 3,040
Subforums: Ungol Felas, the Spider Caves, Annon-en-Groth Mines, Lhachlith Volcano, Nandgirith
Regular Forum Ondolond
A bustling center for trade and commerce at the mouth of the Gap of Annon, tucked between the mountain side and the Misty Forest. The mountains are rich with minerals, metals, gems, and stones, while the forest is plentiful with lumber and game, which means Ondolond is abundantly supplied with many in-demand resources. Shops and buildings are mostly built with the stone mined from the mountains, and homes are generally made of lumber cut from the forest, roofed with thatch. Most of the buildings are workshops, artisan guilds, agricultural markets, and vendors, but there is more than enough accommodation for the constant visitors that the city receives. Despite how recently this city cropped up, it is rapidly gaining wealth and size.
Tempted in the Glow Jul 26 2008, 12:20 PM, By Vivianne
Topics: 87 Replies: 547
Regular Forum Sanctuary of the Angels
This holy city near the western coast was built long ago to provide safety and peace to those in need. It is said that the city was built upon the hallowed land where Aman rested during its time of descent. In the center of the sanctuary is a statue depicting one of the Imperial Archangels that follow the Goddess of Life and many sit to worship and pray here upon the cobblestone.

Includes: The Grand Cathedral
What Lies Beyond Jul 28 2008, 07:20 AM, By Umbra
Topics: 101 Replies: 801
Subforums: Grand Cathedral
Regular Forum Taurerosa Rainforest
The floor of the rainforest is nearly always flooded or at least muddy from constant showers during most of the year. The air is always hot, muggy, and filled with insects that sting and bite as well as travel in little swarms. There are many huge plants that cover any of the forest that isn't filled with tropical tress, many of which have thorns and can be poisonous. As unpleasant as it sounds, there are also enough spots where the plants and insects are few and the ground is dry. There are tales told of a vicious tribe of humans that hunt other intelligent beings to offer as sacrifices to the gods, but they are thought to be only children's stories told to the young at night.

Includes: Talche'el
Last Rites Jul 21 2008, 09:20 AM, By Wurzag
Topics: 115 Replies: 1,185
Subforums: Talche'el

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