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Arda's time has drawn to an end, as all good things must. Remember it with fondness, and may it rest in peace.

Goodbye, everyone, I loved you all and Arda very dearly.
۩ Lothlómendil

Former members may still log in and view all the old posts (now showing all posts, not just in-character and profiles), but the board is unavailable to new registrants and officially read-only. The CBox is still functional and many people still stop by to say hello.

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Ered Annon Mountains

Regular Forum Ungol Felas, the Spider Caves
Deep in the heart of Ered Annon, there is an eerie land that few have encountered. A colony of the terrible Norsaraneae, the great spiders, dwells within the mountainside caves. Their territory slopes down the mountainside and carries on into the Misty Forest, where the trees are covered in their treacherous webs.
[ cave picture | forest picture ]
The Ballad of Aloric and a Really Big Spider Jul 8 2008, 10:37 AM, By Aloric
Topics: 24 Replies: 277
Regular Forum Annon-en-Groth Mines
The grand halls of the greatest of the dwellings of the Dwarves of Arda are in Annon-en-Groth, far beneath the earth in the roots of the Ered Annon Mountains. The entrance to the halls from the surface is one easliy found by only the Dwarves, and those that they have told. The mines are bountiful with mithril, gold, and precious jems but the Dwarves hoard the treasures for their king.
Ghostly Presence.. Jun 1 2008, 05:08 PM, By Undead
Topics: 18 Replies: 200
Regular Forum Lhachlith Volcano
This is an ARP forum.
Brooding at the Northern tip of the Ered Annon Mountains, this large volcano never ceases pouring black smoke from its top making the sky foggy with smoke, causing it to sting the eyes and reek of smoke. There are often violent eruptions of flames and magma that spew fire and destruction far across the encircling lands. The ground shakes with the tremors of the internal tumult of the mountain. The ground for miles around the base are composed of bare igneous rock, and formed from hardened lava. The only living plants are a few sparse, stubborn trees that have skinny trunks and few leaves.
[ picture 1 | picture 2 ]
The Duel of Sixteen Conquerors Final! Mar 11 2008, 06:31 PM, By Merenwen Coamenel
Topics: 13 Replies: 80
Regular Forum Nandgirith
This is an ARP forum.
This valley between Lhachlith Volcano and the rest of the Ered Annon Mountains is always shuddering from the turmoil of the Lhachlith, making the ground nothing more than a large fault line. The rocky terrain is cracked from the tremors, and there are rarely times when the earth here does not quake. Travel across the valley is difficult because most animals will not come near it and it is nearly impossible to stand when the tremors are in full swing.
Journey to the Center of the Earth May 18 2008, 08:23 PM, By Tithy
Topics: 5 Replies: 42
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Ered Annon Mountains
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