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Arda's time has drawn to an end, as all good things must. Remember it with fondness, and may it rest in peace.

Goodbye, everyone, I loved you all and Arda very dearly.
۩ Lothlómendil

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Guild Halls

Regular Forum Bureau of Abyssal Defense and Investigation
Behind Lómëdor's mighty northern walls sits BADI, a compound shrouded in mystery, from which more than a few rumors have sprouted—some of benevolence and good will, others of a greedy struggle for gold and power—but none quite hitting the truth, and few coming so close as to scratch it. Such mystery puts BADI at a clear advantageous over those who would wish its members harm, and coupled with the guild manor's defenses, infiltration is nigh impossible.
There are no houses within a block of the BADI estate; only cobblestone ground, and a number of well-groomed birch trees. One of these is actually an ent, accustomed to city-life, and a watchman for the guild. The manor itself is surrounded by massive stone walls, with thin-windowed towers at every corner, and a portcullis at its front. Guards regularly patrol this perimeter, and within the guild, security agents in the divining room have nearly every section of the outer guild honed into with crystal balls. It should be noted that every guard is proficient in at least some minor spells; usually detection-based or protective ones.
Inside BADI's walls is the main building, a massive, ancient manor that's stood since Lómëdor's construction, having received many additions through the years as it attracted more members. It has well over 400 hundred rooms compacted into its two floors and basement, with many necessities that make it nearly self-sufficient, including a blacksmith, kitchen, laundry area, and four dormitories.
Behind the guild are the gardens, the hot springs, and the guild forest, a primeval expanse of woods that are home to many strange creatures. A number of ents are known to live there. In the forest is Sartana's tower, where the guild master resides, and the guild reservoir, where it receives most of its water.
A detailed map of the guild estate and manor first floor can be viewed here.
WOOOO!!! Jul 23 2008, 11:06 PM, By Draco Orion
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Subforums: B.A.D.I. OOC Section
Regular Forum The Shadovar Concordance
Nestled at the base of the northernmost mountains of Ered Annon is an ancient castle. It is built out of the dark brown stones quarried in local mines near Nandgirith. The castle overlooks the Anfauglir Desert to the east, and guards a small passage around the tip of the mountain range to the northwest. Long ago, the castle was built to keep ships from rounding the route to the north of the mountains and dispatching troops to attack targets to the west. It stood abandoned for well over 500 years when the surviving members of the Marauders found it while fleeing north from Ondolond. They took up sanctuary there, hiding from their pursuers in the easily-defended fortress.

The building is immense, originally meant to hold a garrison of 500 soldiers. When approached from the east, it has two large towers, both of which stand at even heights. Atop each is the crest of one of the guild’s factions. There are two more towers similar to these at the rear of the buildings, which tease the edge of the mountains behind them. The eastern and northern wall are doubly reinforced, as the building is most easily attacked from these positions. The mountains to the south and east are impassable to large numbers of attackers, and the open ocean to the north and the plains to the west would expose an attacking force long before it reached the castle. The castle is built about 1000 yards back from the bluffs where the mountains kiss the shoreline. A set of deteriorated docks extend out into the water, which originally moored ships to intercept any hostile ships spotted by the castle's lookouts.

Inside, the castle adopts a square design. It sports a large, central courtyard as the focal point of the structure. The cobblestones in the courtyard are complimented by two opposing gargoyle fountains, along with statues of knights and kings. Overhead, the courtyard is overlooked by the head of a giant stone dragon, protruding inward from the northernmost wall. Its eyes are made of pieces of red stone taken from the ruins of the old Chaos temple, and seem to constantly smolder and burn within their lifeless sockets.

Surrounding the courtyard are many doors that lead down various corridors. One leads to a banquet hall, which is set to the west and actually extends underneath the mountains. Others lead to spiral staircases, leading to the upper levels and to the ramparts. One door, a fine mahogany creation to the south, leads into a large library, where there are thousands upon thousands of volumes of dark literature that have been banned from most collections. The corridors that empty out into the courtyard lead to studies and barracks. Some of the higher-ups have private quarters, while others sleep in underground bunkers. The guildmasters have quarters at the tops of the towers bearing their crests.

Beneath the castle itself is a series of catacombs filled with the relics of a forgotten dynasty. These catacombs twist for unknown lengths underneath the castle and hold many secrets. In case of the need for sudden evacuation, each guild member knows how to follow a series of secret symbols carved into the walls of the catacombs. These symbols lead to a tunnel which exits out onto a mountain path the leads safely away to the west. Aside from this tactical importance, the catacombs are used for induction rituals, as well as testing for members trying to advance in rank.
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Attention: Sinner Members Jul 30 2008, 05:20 PM, By Salega
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Subforums: Shadovar Concordance OOC
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Brotherhood of the Shunned
Appearing within the mists is a giant, wide, rough marble tower, littered with numerous windows and coiled in what appear to be granite vines. The home of the Brotherhood of the Shunned is truly a massive sight to behold at fifty stories in total height. Hidden within the mists, it is the perfect place for the outcasts and others that live there to escape from normal society. Fashioned as it is, it is nigh indestructible, perhaps the largest and most stable tower in Arda.

Inside is quite unusual, with the first floor seemingly little more than a single giant room, no stairs in sight. Designed as a welcoming area, various plants and flowers grow along the walls with a large garden in the center. In the garden there is a dragon-like, slender, black amethyst, humanoid centerpiece. On the left wall, however, lies a magic sigil along with a pedestal, each adorned with various runes, the most prominent being the one on top of the pedestal. Only those in the guild can use the device. It is stationed on each floor and sealed so that none will end up in the same place at the same tim, and can fit three normal-sized creatures at a time, teleporting them to any floor the one at the pedestal so desires. Each floor holds a number of large living quarters, and is decorated with countless different things, such as more plants, artwork, and murals.

Includes: Shunned OOC Section, Foyer, and Living Quarters.
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Subforums: The Foyer, Living Quarters, Shunned OOC Section
Password Protected Forum The Tiny Terrors
On the outskirts of Dori'ba, Land of the Dead, a large hole in the ground is dug into the side of a gigantic manmade hill. It is small enough to keep humanoids from being able to climb in it, but large enough for various types of animals to be able to easily enter. The border of the hole is lined with bones, and the floor of the tunnel is patted down with various footprints and signs of long-term trampling. Inside, the home of the Tiny Terrors is a vast labyrinth leading to various rooms and corridors. A large door on the opposite side of the regular entrance is fit for humans due to the fact it leads to the guild's dungeon. It is padlocked and heavily guarded by a ferocious spider.
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Subforums: Dungeon, Tiny Terrors OOC Section
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Syndicate of Blades
The Syndicate of Blades' headquaters is located in the centermost point in Lómëdor. The building is immensely tall, and has ribbed vaulting. At each corner of the structure rises a great spire. A large statue gargoyle looms over the entrance. In its left hand it holds an olivebranch, and in the other it carries a shattered spear. Most of the citizens of Lómëdor think it is an odd statue for a mercenary organization to own. The Syndicate itself is shrouded in mystery. Most of everyone knows that they are a mercenary assossiation, but some theorize that this is just a front. The Syndicate's true goals are unknown to all except its members. The building is open to all who are seeking a hired blade.

Includes: Syndicate OOC Section, Main Hall, Library, Arena, and Chapel & War Council Room.
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Subforums: Arena, Main Hall, Library
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Desert Faction
The Guild Hall is located in a large mud brick citadel in the Anfauglir Desert. This building is one of the largest single structures in Arda, yet only a few know of its location. From a distance, the guild hall would only look like ruins, but up close there are gaurds that watch constantly from inside the citadel. If you venture close enough to the guards, you will either be savagely beaten, or end up with hundreds of arrows lodged in your skull.

Includes: Council Room and Death Pit.
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Subforums: The Death Pit, The Council Room
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Scream Of The Sea
A huge warship with a gaping mouth at it's bow which has been designed with great skill by elven carpenters. It has a sharp and lethal jib used for ramming and three huge sea green sails. It is a strong and sturdy galley and is very intimidating towards anyone who casts an eye on it. Just above the middle sail flaps a flag bearing the logo of the guild. There are four floors to this ship, one for storage (the very bottom), one for eating sleeping (the middle), the deck for viewing and fighting and the Captain's cabin used for plotting. The deck is ladened with powerful cannons, ideal for blasting away rival ships and the sides of the boat have carved with extreme detail the ship's flag and the ships name: The Rage.
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Includes: Scream of the Sea OOC, The Hold, Living Quarters, Captain's Cabin, and Calamity Cove.
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Subforums: Living Quarters, Captain's Cabin, Calamity Cove
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Keepers øf ŧhe Sacred Đeed
Completely unknown to all, buried deep within the Ered Annon is a tall mountain where the highly secretive Keepers meet. The top of the mountain always seems to be covered with a slight fog, though it is hardly noticeable by any. The mountain appears to be no different than any other within the great Ered Annon range, although amongst the rocks and earth of the Sacred Mountain is a cave hidden with magic; the cave that conceals the arcane Keepers of the Sacred Deed.
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Includes: Keepers OOC Section, Cave Entrance, Mountain Hall, Keeper's Peak, and Healing Falls.
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Subforums: Healing Falls, Keeper's Peak, Mountain Hall, Cave Entrance, Keepers OOC Section
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Lone Warriors
The Lone Warriors' headquarters are located in the center-most point in Khelek Tundra, hidden inside a huge mountain of ice. The building is immensely tall, and has torn vaulting. At each corner of the structure rises a great tower, peeking out of the mountain as the only visible parts of the structure besides the front door. A large statue of a warrior looms over the entrance. In its left hand it holds a sword, and in the other it carries a battle-worn shield. The warriors within the tower are shrouded in mystery. Most of everyone knows that they are a good association, trying to save the world of Arda from evil.

Includes: Lone Warriors OOC, Dungeons, Grand Room, and Master's Room & Office.
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Subforums: Master's Room & Office, Grand Room, Dungeons, Lone Warriors OOC
Read-only Forum Library of the Divine Trinity
The Library of the Divine Trinity spans roughly once city block, nestled deep in the heart of Ondolond. A sprawling structure, the building houses an impressive number of theologically diverse texts, along with a fair number of secular pieces as well, a remarkable show of trust and goodwill between the three allied faiths to whom the library is dedicated. The exterior is a simple design, with miniature spires raising from the edge of the roof, akin to mock crenelations. Betwixt the crenelations are sculptures of sphinxes, curled and seemingly at rest, but watchful of those who would tread of the ground of the library. Many would say the eyes follow their paths, and while some find this a comfort, it is said to instill a sense of dread and nausea in those who have less then honourable ideas when approaching the walls that they roost upon. The walls remain smooth and are the simple beige of the local mountains from which they were quarried, though parts are already wreathed in a halo of ivy that has taken root at the base of the building. Greenery surrounds the building taking away from the hustle and bustle of the blooming mercantile city, offering the promise of quiet solace within the walls. Behind the sole set of tall oaken doors (warded against evil by the Silver Cross mounted above them), guarded by members of the Lightbringers, lies an open reception hall, flanked on either side by the introductory classrooms, the advanced ones being deeper within the labyrinth of shelves. Many who have never visited before have become lost within the stacks for hours at a time, either intentionally through their curiosity, or simply out of a lack of discernible landmark. The wardens of the Library, the Lightbringers, always seem to be on hand to lead on in or out, guide to classrooms or particularly elusive volumes of ancient literature, history or dogma. Many of them, called runners, come and go across the continent of Eä, in search of ancient texts or elusive scripts, and offering the current owner handsome sums for to acquire it.
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Includes: Lightbringers OOC Section, Courtyard, Reception Hall & Shrine, Library & Classrooms, and Secret Rooms & Passages.
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Subforums: Library & Classrooms, Reception Hall & Shrine, Courtyard, Secret Rooms & Passages
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Castle of Dread
The Castle of Dread, openly home to the Dread Legion, is situated deep within the Ered Annon mountains. Hidden by clouds and snow blizzards, this castle holds some of the most dangerous and evil creatures in the whole of Arda, gathered solely for the sake of ushering the downfall of all that is good. The only way to enter the castle is to cross the rope bridge, which is nearly a mile long and can be cut at anytime, and thus isn't always in the best condition. Those with wings could conceivably use them to reach the castle, but the only other way is through the secret waterfall passage to the prisons, of which only the members know.

The castle itself is built within a peak all its own, surrounded by craggy, difficult-to-travel terrain, bearing a waterfall rushing from a hole below the castle. It is dark and foreboding as it should be, with many rocky spires jutting upward from across the building, and a pair of craggy towers flanking it. It appears mostly made of the mountain itself, though some has more conventional stone and brick used. Many windows line the towers and the front, but the only real way in is through the large double doors on the rock face after a small patch of land at the end of the bridge, made of dark wood. Just inside, faint light filters through the high windows, most of the light coming from torches that line the large stairwells across either wall. There is a high chandelier here, the entrance chamber. Multiple doors etched with various symbols lead away from the chamber on both the first and second floor, though only those belonging to the legion may enter most of them. Most notably are the doors to the right before the stairs, another pair of large double doors that lead into the extravagantly-decorated banquet room.
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Includes: Dread Legion OOC, Conference Room, Training Courtyard, The Towers, and The Prisons.
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Subforums: Dread Legion OOC, Traning Courtyard, The Towers, Conference Room, The Prisons
Regular Forum Archived Topics
RP topics that were once in a guild hall or other forum that was retired while the board was still online. These topics will be sorted back into their original guild halls if they can be identified. Also contains archived forums from special events.
Arda Week Treasure Trial Feb 17 2008, 02:08 PM, By The Narrator
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