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Deity Temples

Regular Forum Temple of Life
The Temple of Life is large, and mosque-like. It is sugary white, and appears to glimmer even in the darkest hours of the night. The colorful stained glass windows are full of gentle hues that fill the slightly dim halls inside with soft rays of colored light. Inside, the grand doors open into a large, open room where the floors are made of marble. There are many wings and stories to the temple, many for study or worship, some for living and training.

Includes: The Shrine of Holiness, Hall of the Dead, Entrance Hall, Temple Grounds, The Sacred Garden, The Dining Corridor, The Sanctuary, and The Portal Room.
Praying In THe Sancutary Jul 4 2008, 06:18 PM, By Ancalë
Topics: 84 Replies: 347
Subforums: Shrine of Holiness, The Sanctuary, Hall of the Dead, The Dining Corridor, Temple Grounds, Entrance Hall, The Sacred Garden, Portal Room
Regular Forum Temple of Light
Atop a sloping hill at the northernmost point of Calaring the Everlight, the Temple of Light stands in its glory. Smooth marble steps of blue lead up to its large gold plated double doors that lead into its inner chambers. The temple itself looks like it houses the sun, moon and stars. During the day, its walls shine a brilliant gold, flames of orange light dancing across its surface. During the sunrise and set, the very colors of the sky are reflected on the temple's walls. At night the temple shines in the essence of the moonlight, bright specks of stars on its surface. There are two small clearings to either side of the double doors leading to altars that look out over the skies.

Includes: The Shrine of the Sun, The Shrine of the Moon, The
Shrine of Stars
, Welcoming Hall, Training Corridor, Guest Room, The Forever Faith, and Master's Quarters.
The Silver Lining Jun 25 2008, 08:51 AM, By Kieraline
Topics: 55 Replies: 364
Subforums: The Forever Faith, Shrine of the Moon, Shrine of Stars, Training Corridor, Welcoming Hall, Ball Room, Shrine of the Sun, The Goddess' Chambers
Regular Forum Temple of Darkness
Located at the very tip of the southern pole in Morring the Everdark, this is the only place in all of Arda where not even the light from the moon or stars can be seen. The temple is grand beyond imagination. It is pitch black on the outside and has one red stained glass window in front above the temple's huge doors. The window appears to glow, making it the only source of light around for miles. On the inside there is a large altar that a red beam of light from the window focuses on. On top of the altar there is a statue of the God of Darkness, Raku.

Includes: The Shrine of Shadows, The Crimson Sanctuary, and The Damned Chamber.
Dark prays Jun 10 2008, 06:13 PM, By Guest
Topics: 70 Replies: 320
Subforums: Shrine of Shadows, Damned Chamber, The Crimson Sanctuary
Regular Forum Temple of Order
The courtyard of the temple is a scene in itself. One side is laced in a pure white hue. Pearl coloured trees with crystal leaves dangling from each branch, surrounded by ivory benches and free fluttering doves are everywhere. The opposite side is dark. A black charcoal marble stone floor envelops the natural earth. The trees are a twisted, gnarled, shadow creeping over black-lit candles and menacing looking crows perch themselves in their branches. The temple itself is made up of four rooms, and the Shrine of Peace. The first is a large circular area, with stone patterns pressed down as flooring. Statues of the many shapes the Goddess has taken are spaced around the walls, elevated about a foot from the floor. People kneel below, praying. Straight across from the huge double entrance doors, are a series of steps leading to the next room, the Chamber of Undying Faith, where only the true may enter. On either side of the staircase is one room. The one on the left has an ivory and pearl-laced door, and leads to a room for healing and offerings for the goddess. The room on the right has a jagged door, made of protruding black rocks that leads to the room for repentance and forgiveness.

Includes: The Shrine of Peace, Repentance Hollow, The Room of Healing, The Courtyard, The Chamber of Undying Faith, The Lady's Quarters, and The Order of Doors.
Door #1: Heavy Oak Jul 25 2008, 11:10 PM, By Calim
Topics: 60 Replies: 462
Subforums: Lady's Quarters, Repentance Hollow, Chamber of Undying Faith, Room of Healing, The Order of Doors, The Courtyard, Shrine of Peace
Regular Forum Temple of Nature, Cuidhrinost
Within the arm of the Great River, have the Order of the Earth raised up a mighty house for the God of Nature. This is a house for all, whether one likes feasting, and revelry, or some quiet balcony where nothing but the sound of wind in pines can be heard. Whether one needs the attention of healers, or one desires nothing more than to work amongst the fervent craftsmen and smiths. This mighty House is the centre of Curin's great love of the Free Peoples, and in it there is no enmity, not even between arch-rivals, for the Will of Curin is that all may come to at least one place to be free.

Includes: Shrine of Earth, Shrine of Water, Shrine of Fire, Shrine of Wind, Shrine of Lightning, Medhrond, the Mead Hall, Glamrenindris, the Vale of Echoing Thought, and The Liaradan's Quarters.
The Root that Grows Deep Jul 26 2008, 08:04 AM, By DeVere
Topics: 98 Replies: 785
Subforums: Shrine of Water, Shrine of Fire, Shrine of Wind, Shrine of Lightning, Shrine of Earth, Medhrond, the Mead Hall, Glamrenindris, the Vale of Echoing Thought, The Liaradan's Quarters
Regular Forum Temple of Chaos
Deep within the valley of Nandgirith, the magic of the Valar just barely keeps the numerous and violent earthquakes of the area from tearing apart an overpoweringly massive fortress. With bricks of silver and red, great fortified twelve-foot-thick walls greet all who approach. A great spherical wall of crimson magic envelopes its entirety, supposed by its matron to keep out those unwelcome (while in truth, anyone is able to pass through the imposing barrier). Archers, magi and other sharpshooting marksmen dot the tops of the outer walls, always keeping an eye on the land below. On the ground, heavily armored guardsmen position themselves at the single entrance into the fortress. Within the various barriers is an area somewhat equivalent to a village in size. Many minor buildings grace the outer edges, but the true spectacle of the area is the absolutely colossal central tower, which acts as the actual 'temple' within the domain of the crazed and paranoid Goddess of Chaos.

Includes: The Shrine of War, Central Tower, The Beast Pens, Hall of Destruction, Desolated Ruins, and Kemensereg Arena.
Of Varanidae May 15 2008, 06:29 PM, By Nathaniel M. Rystoff
Topics: 74 Replies: 312
Subforums: The Beast Pens, Desolated Ruins, Kemensereg Arena, Shrine of War, Central Tower, Hall of Destruction
Regular Forum The Ruins of an Ancient Temple
The Temple is situated high upon a mountain, the building surrounded by storm-grey clouds. From the outside, the temple is ruins, with crumbling platforms, paths and arches. Parts of the temple have crumbled and collapsed, meaning that for anyone to gain entry, they would have to jump and climb past rubble and gaps. Waterfalls stream down from the temple, flowing down into the dizzying depths below. The temple is made from a combination of black granite and pure white marble, intertwining and melding into each other. Tall, gothic spires reach up to the sky, attracting arcs of lightning that leap from spire to spire in great bolts. A small, arched entrance leads inside the temple.
Power In The Rock May 24 2008, 11:42 AM, By Kenith
Topics: 41 Replies: 533
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Deity Temples
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